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Baker Street Station

December 29

Baker Street Station

Way Out

Baker Street Station is another very cool station, very pretty for the most part, with lots of rich ancient wood panelling, although modern style is clearly trying to take over. Kind of weird to see a style from over 100 years ago right next to contemporary styles.

Mr. 'Olmes

The big man himself, Sherlock Holmes, a few blocks from his former home at 221B Baker Street. This statue is right outside Baker Street Station.

I've read all the Sherlock Holmes stories like 400 times apiece, so there was no question of us stopping by his old neighborhood.

221B Baker Street (?)
Here is 221B Baker Street, and the site of the Sherlock Holmes Museum and Obligatory Gift Shop.

Well, sort of.

It's suspiciously between 238 Baker Street and 240 Baker Street. It would seem that the SH Museum had to settle for the closest address to 221B available, seeing as the REAL 221B Baker Street doesn't exist. If you follow street numbers to try to find 221, you will find a bank, the same bank that was there back in the 1800s, if I remember right. But there is a plaque on the outer wall of the bank marking the spot where 221B Baker Street ought to be.

Is Mr. Holmes in?

The Girlfriend in the entrance hall of the Sherlock Holmes Museum. The Museum is about four floors high, with various rooms showing well-known scenes from the Sherlock Holmes stories reenacted in a silly way by wax dummies, as well as various props from the stories, and a re-creation of what Sherlock Holmes's rooms might have looked like.

The Museum is okay...if you're a Sherlock Holmes fan, you will be entertained as you recognize and remember the various exhibits from the stories, but otherwise you're not missing anything.

Clever photo by the Girlfriend

Cor blimey, guv! Good luck will rub off when oi shakes hands wiv you! Sorry, I don't really know what that means.

Time travel

We found this old photo on the mantle of Sherlock Holmes's living room. Apparently our ancestors visited Sherlock Holmes often. No doubt on those occasions when Sherlock found himself up against a particularly tough case, they would drop by and offer him a hint or two towards the solution, then hit Sherlock up for a free fix of morphine or cocaine.   It wasn't illegal then you know.

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