LONDON TRAVELOGUE - King's Cross Station
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Colorful trains
King's Cross Station is a huge train station which has to date from the mid 1800's (ooh I nailed it! It says here opened 1852). There is lots of beautiful old brick and timber and iron here, and at either end there are two vast half-circle windows curving under the roof. Sherlock Holmes and Watson started one or two of their adventures from here, and of course this is the station that Harry Potter uses to get to Hogwart's each year.

View toward the back

Very cool iron old-fashioned clocks hang on either side, but if that's too much for you there're also luminous digital clocks in military time.

Platform 9¾
In Harry Potter, Hogwart's students accessed the hidden platform to school, Platform 9¾, by running with their trolley full of luggage at full speed into the wall dividing Platform 9 and Platform 10.

At the actual station, Platform 9 and Platform 10 aren't adjacent (apparently J.K. Rowling got her platform numbers or train stations mixed up). But on a wall somewhere in between the two platforms, station management have put up a sign that says "Platform 9¾", with half a trolley protruding from the wall under it. The idea is, you can grab onto the handles of the trolley and pretend to run through the brick wall for a great photo op.

Well, here's our version...although I'm not sure my girlfriend is going to make it through, she's not running nearly fast enough.

View from the back

What a cool, old, very British-looking building. By my way of thinking anyway.

Iron clockwork

Lots of great old Industrial Revolution ironwork and a beautiful illuminated Gothic-looking clock.

Trains in park

A pair of trains out of service for the evening.

The front wall

As much of the semicircular window as I could fit into the viewfinder.

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