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Royal Mail

December 28

Right outside our hotel window on Calthorpe Street is the Queen's Royal Mail. In other words, a post office. All the mail trucks are bright red. That little detail was for my color blind readers.

So keep out

Apparently the Queen is serious about keeping people from making off with the Royal Mail. This is the UK equivalent of barbed wire. After I took this picture, several armed postal workers took shots at us. So, no different from American post offices. Maybe it's all the red.

London lane

A little farther down Calthorpe Street, if I remember right. (Close enough, who's going to check?) I think each door leads to a stairway which takes you to one of three small apartments, stacked atop one another on the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd floors. These apartments must be tiny, or at least very narrow--I don't know how far back they extend.

Basement flat

And if you bypass the door and head for the stairway adjacent, there's yet another apartment below street level. Note the door handle and center-mounted doorknob.

London alley

The alley we escaped down. Or one just like it.

Keep walking

Well I'm not sure what these guys were selling, but I am sure I didn't want any part of it. They were just a little too eager, with their huge hypnotic zombie eyes and their overly friendly and suggestive 'come on in...'

This is as close as I got.

Colorful doors

Nos. 11, 12, 13, & 14 Calthorpe Street.

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