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The hotel

Well, after hopping from the bus into another train and then taking a taxi, here's our hotel at long last, a Holiday Inn on King's Cross Road. Our room's on the far left on the 2nd floor (the British don't count the ground floor as floor one, so it's the third story up).

Across the street

Across the street from the hotel. Right in the center of the picture is the Internet cafe where for the low low cost of £1 per hour, we sent emails to some of you lucky devils.

Let's all go to the lobby
The lobby. "Nice," you say.

Oh yeah? Well check out the chandelier. Yes. That's right. There's a bulb out.

We created quite a scene, let me tell you, but the hotel staff were sufficiently apologetic so we decided to stay.

This hotel was like £60 a night, which I thought was around $120 per night in dollars, but after doing bills once I got home I am convinced it was more like $3700 per night. That money went somewhere.

The room, part 1

The left half of the room

The room II: Die Harder
This deluxe room also came with a right half.

That's a genuine Picasso hanging over the bed there. A genuine Picasso print. It is yet another work of art about which I made the following immortal statement...

"I could do that."

I am quite the art aficionado. I majored in art, but I didn't really mean it.

It's all in the subject matter

See, art major. Better than Picasso any day.

CHECK IT OUT. We went to McDonald's at King's Cross Station, because we just didn't feel like experimenting with UK food the first day. So we stuck with something we knew.

Now that's not as safe a move as you might think...even things that you know and recognize can taste different outside the US. Pepperoni on pizza tastes pretty weird. A Big Mac doesn't taste quite the same. Even Old Reliable, Coca-Cola, doesn't taste like Coke. That's madness! So even when you're trying not to be exotic, it might still work out that way.

But here we struck gold. McDonald's apple pies in London are not like their US equivalents...unless you mean their equivalents from 1978!!!!

OLD SCHOOL McDONALD'S APPLE PIES. That's right. The deep-fried, bubbly, hot, burning, crispy kind. The kind that actually did need that warning, "Caution: Filling is Hot", because you had to wait half an hour after you were done with your meal to start eating that thing, and even then it was still possible to burn off all your taste buds.

Needless to say we went back to McDonald's a few more times.

What the
I don't know what's up with these wacky foreign languages. The second of four warnings on here says, "Voorzichtig: Vulling is Heet".

What is that supposed to be? German? I don't think that's a real language. That's gotta be some made-up language.

If it's real, I think I could speak it without any lessons. Just speak regular English, only move your mouth around weirdly while you're speaking. Like this: "Hullawe. Hoo or yuh doying todooy?"

See, that's a cinch. Okay, now I'm multilingual. I speak German now if anyone needs anything translated.

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