WELL I finally took the time to actually put together a fairly comprehensive example of the kind of things I can do armed with only a computer.  So here you go, you lucky devils...
I'm terribly sorry, but most of these files are very big; if they weren't they wouldn't look nice at all.  You'll just have to deal with it.  If you're on dial-up, I pray for your soul.  Maybe you could just load the page and then, I dunno, go to work or something while the page loads.

Here's some 3D stuff I've done...

here's a drawing i did many many years ago using lightwave...just a simple drawing of a dorm room
here's the kind of drawing I do these days, using 3d studio max.  You can click on various things in the room to see close-ups.

The next few things are projects I did a few years back, back when I had a fun job...I ran the movie channel for a campus cable system.  Here are some screens which cycled after the movies had finished playing...

coming soon

movie schedule

crime reports

3-frame animation informational screen football game ad walter matthau tribute

Here's some just random drawings I did a looooong time ago...

This is a design for a phone calling card that was actually used...the only reason it's interesting is cz I drew it with a mouse in Microsoft Paint, before I knew anything about graphic design or had any nifty software.

A nice drawing of one of my original cartoon characters, using Adobe Illustrator and a graphics pad. After only two years, I have managed to get the PDF to show the whole drawing.

A nice (for different reasons) drawing of a girl kissing a pig for a contest called 'Kiss a Pig Contest'.  (This website disclaims all association with said stupid contest.) Drawn with a felt-tip pen on regular old paper, then apparently scanned at a ridiculously low resolution.

a simple design for a t-shirt
someone wanted me to replace a Windows NT login screen with something interesting.  I did this instead A diagram of a classroom to show presenters for a satellite uplink what facilities they'd be working with

Here's some logo work I did a long time ago...

This is the first serious vector project I ever worked on, when I had just figured out why a vector drawing was useful. It's the logo for the campus cable TV department.  See...the 'D' is made out of a satellite dish--and we got our channel signals off of satellite dishes. Clever, huh?  Well I dunno how obvious that is to the average person, but most people pretended to like it.

Here's the same drawing a few years later, when we tried to fancy it up and make it quasi-3D-ish-like.  We got tired of looking at it apparently.

Well I didn't particularly like the quasi-3D-ish-like effect, so I thought I'd get ambitious and try for a REAL 3D look, by importing the vector art into the 3D program Lightwave and giving it depth, along with some shininess and some dramatic lighting.
And this is about the only thing useful I managed to use the 3D logo for.   Just lousy door nameplates.  This was just before the economy tanked and people started getting laid off and the department was reorganized and my job became much more boring.

Here are some various mildly interesting projects I worked on more recently...

This is just a simple but cool-looking diagram of how an office should be laid out.

Here's a similar diagram of a more complicated room.

Here's an example of some of the more boring but not completely uninteresting work that I end up with now.
Now this is a piece of work that is fine and all design-wise, but the information in the drawing is pretty interesting if you bother to read it.  Also it actually contains photos.

Here're a few vector maps I made...

Here's a simple map we used to send people so they could figure out how to get to us and where to park.

Here's another map I made and I can't even remember why.
And here's another map. So you see, I've made a few maps in my day.

Here are some various miscellaneous projects I did...

Here's a silly little logo I designed to go at the end of a video program I helped produce with my two co-workers

Here's a fun little project I did.  The purpose was to show a client the camera view for a video uplink, and we didn't have thirteen extras standing around, so... we got creative.  Click to see The Making Of This Project.


Here's some very cool web page design work of mine...at the time, we had three cable packages to choose from.

This was our free tier of service, available to anyone with a cable connection. Move your mouse over the various buttons to see it react. This was our second tier of service, and a bargain for the price. Note the animation on the word 'Devilvision'. This is the most impressive one of all, and as you can imagine it was a headache.  We added more channels since the last version and so it gave me quite a headache.  Allow the blocked content and move your mouse around over it.

This website gets by on its personality.  It's not nearly as graphically impressive as the web page stuff above, but hopefully its content makes up for that.  Kind of a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure website. I believe it was my first website, so I'll use that as an excuse.

Here's my best serious work, and one of my most recent.  Warning:  It's a big file.

This is probably my best serious work to date, an annual report I did freelance for a university department.  I didn't take the photos or handle the actual printing, but the design, photo editing & retouching, layout, etc. is all me, with minimal guidance.  I finished this up in March 2006.